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Fighting for Peace in Cones of Uncertainty

Fighting for Peace in Cones of Uncertainty

It's headed towards us; it's made a turn; it's headed towards us again; it's a 5; it's a 2. They call it the cone of uncertainty; It’s a terrifying rollercoaster of emotion. We just rebuilt our community from the crushing blow Hurricane Matthew dealt us eleven short months ago. Now Irma is setting her greedy sights on our newly rebuilt homes. It is nearly impossible not to be anxious. Even our evacuation options are slipping into this cursed vortex of uncertainty. So how do we find our peace in the midst of such chaos?

How to seek God's Peace in the midst of Life's storms

There is a story in the Bible about a vast army that came up against the Israelites. They were hopelessly outnumbered, outmatched and totally powerless. The King decided to look fully into the eyes of God rather than the dire circumstances that surrounded him. He ordered that praise singers be sent out. They decided in the moment of their greatest peril to look straight into the face of God and praise His name. Their exact words were “For we have no power to face this vast army (ergo hurricane) that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. " 2 Chronicles 20

As it turned out, the approaching enemy army ended up turning on itself and the soldiers killed one another. When the Israelites went out to see what had become of the enemy that was ready to slaughter them, they found that they were all dead. Such an amazing story,

but it is really difficult to concentrate on praise in the midst of whatever storm is threatening to envelope your life. Just this morning I decided to turn on praise music and forget about the stupid hurricane. Unfortunately, due to a station error every other verse was being interrupted by a neighboring station broadcasting hurricane news. Trusting God in the unknown is not easy;  it is a battle. 

Just think of Peter. He saw Jesus walking on water and was filled with faith. Like us he had his five minutes of faith before he again focused on the winds and waves around him. He, like us, looked at the physical circumstances around him instead of looking into the face of God. When he turned his eyes away, he began to sink. The Christian walk is not easy; faith in spite of circumstances is hard--it requires shutting out the noise around you and looking into the face of Jesus. It’s even harder to listen to a still small voice in a world of Facebook and instant answers. 

Isaiah 43:2

Last year after Matthew hit, I designed this shirt. I wanted to gift it to a t-shirt company that could sell it and raise money for hurricane relief. No one wanted to print it. I got very discouraged by it. I let those circumstances define how I felt about myself as a designer, as an artist. Today as the forecast changed again, the Lord reminded me of this graphic.  I resurrected it from my email and shared it on Facebook. I felt the Lord telling me that He had a plan for it all along.

Dear ones, He knew about Irma long ago. He is sovereign over all of the storms in our lives. Put your eyes and your trust fully on Him and not on the winds and the rain. It will not be easy and I am right there with you fighting for peace. 

When You're Praying your Guts Out and God Seems Silent

When You're Praying your Guts Out and God Seems Silent